Lighting & Electrical Control

Lighting is essential for plant growth and controlling the electricity safely vitally important. Growth Technology supply lighting systems from T5 fluorescents units to High Intensity Discharge lights such as HPS/MH, as well as light controllers.

SuperNova reflector

This reflector has been Growth Technology’s bestseller for over 20 years – tried and tested in the market.

Now introducing the new smaller SuperNova – an addition to the range. This smaller version of a design classic has been developed in response to customer demand and to reflect changing ideas about reflector design. The new SuperNova looks great and will appeal to people who prefer smaller reflectors.

Plant Lifecycle

Early Grow Grow Bloom

Available Sizes
SuperNova reflector Small 250W - 400W (490w x 440d x 180h)
SuperNova reflector Standard 600W - 1000W (590w x 440d x 180h)
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