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Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds

Sowing seeds is an amazing way of growing new plants. Gardeners will see genetic diversity at its best with no two seeds producing plants alike and the set of plants produced will have an amazing array of characteristics. Seeds are often a cheaper means of growing new plants. Please find below our guidelines on getting the best from your seeds.

How to get the best results from your seeds

To improve germination, soak your seeds in Clonex Pro Start at 1 ml per litre for 12-24 hours prior to sowing. Simply pop a seed into the hole of the Root Riot cube. Gently tease the corner off the cube and pop in the top to cover the seed. Put the tray in a warm place until germination.

Keep an eye on the moisture in the cubes, especially in warm conditions which will speed drying out. Ideally moisture should just come to the surface when squeezed. If not, gently water the cubes and then drain well. Be careful not to waterlog, as this would encourage mould growth and suffocate the roots. Check root growth by carefully picking up the cube from the tray. Do not pull out the young plant; this will damage delicate roots that are trying to form. Once the seeds have germinated, give them plenty of light.

When the roots are visible, the new plant is ready to be potted on or planted out. The top of the cube should be just below the surface once planted. Remember to gradually harden off your plants if planting outside. Keep them well-watered until established and feed for 2-3 weeks with Clonex Pro Start at 4 ml per litre then switch to a complete vegetative solution such as IONIC Grow.

Whilst most seeds will have an optimal temperature for germination 25°C is a great starter point for most species. Use a maximum and minimum thermometer to monitor this in your propagator.

Seeds require moisture and humidity to germinate. However, the humidity need not be too high with 55% humidity being a good start point. Always ensure the media in which the seeds have been sown does not dry out. Digital Hygrometers are cheap and easy to use to measure the humidity in your growing area.

Seeds do not require light in order to geminate, however as soon as they emerge from the media they require 18 hours light per day. LightWave T5 units are ideal to supply this. To ensure that the emergent seedlings do not become stretched ensure the T5 lighting is only 10-15 cm above the lights and raise the lights as the seedlings grow.

Seeds come packed with their own nutrient source called the endosperm. However, once the roots have established it is time to give the plant its first nutrients. Clonex Pro Start used at 4 ml per litre is an ideal first feed solution. It is an ideal first feed solution. A perfectly balanced nutrient solution that delivers strong healthy roots, optimal nutrient uptake, and stress resistance in young plants.

This mix should be given for the first 2-3 weeks, then progress to a specific nutrient designed to maximise the vegetative state of growth, IONIC Grow is ideal. The growing conditions section of this website details how these should be used for the remainder of the plants growth cycle.

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