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  • African Violet Focus

    African Violet Focus

    A precise formulation for African violets and other gesneriads containing all necessary nutrients for...
  • Agrothrin natural powder

    Agrothrin natural powder

    Based on 100% natural extracts from African chrysanthemums. Natural.   Available in:...
  • Air Plant Myst

    Air Plant Myst

    Air Plant Myst is a great way to feed air plants (Tillandsias) and provide them with humidity and all...
  • Alpha Coco

    Alpha Coco

    Alpha Coco is a Twin Pack nutrient (Part A and B), precisely formulated for use on all coco (coir)...
  • Alpha Coco Rocks

    Alpha Coco Rocks

    The ideal 60/40 mix of clay pebbles and coco, giving the media structure yet having a looser profile...
  • Aptus Believer Pack

    Aptus Believer Pack

    A set containing: Regulator 50 ml and Startbooster 50 ml. Enough for 200–300 litres of water....
  • Aptus Enzym+

    Aptus Enzym+

    Enzym+ is a powerful blend of enzymes that have different functions. Enzymes keep the root surface clean...
  • Aptus Micromix Drip

    Aptus Micromix Drip

    It is important to have a rich beneficial microlife in the substrate to prevent problems and to optimise...
  • Aptus Micromix Soil

    Aptus Micromix Soil

    It is important to have a rich beneficial microlife in the substrate to prevent problems and to optimise...
  • Aptus Mycor Mix

    Aptus Mycor Mix

    Mycor Mix enlarges the root system and facilitates the uptake of nutrients. Mycor Mix contains a mix...
  • Aptus Regulator

    Aptus Regulator

    Regulator aids in uptake of nutrients, strengthens plant structure and increases the plant’s ability...
  • AquaBurst


    AquaBurst is formulated and blended by experts, especially for Growth Technology. Soil and coco growers...
  • Aquarium Systems MaxiJet

    Aquarium Systems MaxiJet

    The ORIGINAL MaxiJet – the reliable, powerful and efficient heart of any hydro system. &nbsp...
  • Arga Perlite

    Arga Perlite

    Perlite coarse-grade for improved soil drainage, aeration, and root growth.   Available in:...
  • BetterGrow Bonsai Pruning Scissors

    BetterGrow Bonsai Pruning Scissors

    Ideal for bonsai. 60 mm titanium coated blades.
  • BetterGrow Clay Pebbles

    BetterGrow Clay Pebbles

    Medium-grade pebbles (8–16 mm) for terrariums, humidity trays, and repotting mixes, in a...
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