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An indoor growing area can just about be anywhere in your house, shed or garage. Here are a few suggestions of places that might be suitable and point out some of the plant’s essential needs that must be taken into account when setting up.

To understand just what your plants require, imagine a sunny corner of the garden on a calm summer’s day. Most plants will grow well in the conditions that prevail on an English summer’s day and these are the conditions that need to be recreated in an indoor growing area.

Growing Conditions

We have grouped Growing Conditions under the four headings of Light, Temperature, Humidity and Atmosphere. Get these right and you will be one step closer to creating an ideal environment for your plants.

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Light is the single most important thing for you to consider. With the correct lighting, you can grow almost any plant indoors. The most important thing to know is the level of light that a particular plant needs for successful growth.

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Water Treatment

Did you know that using filtered water when feeding your plants encourages healthier root growth? Or that the chlorine found in unfiltered tap water can kill the friendly micro-organisms in your soil?

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