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Soil Growing

Soil as used in containers for indoor growing is a very different proposition from soil in the garden. Garden soil is usually far too heavy and dense for indoor use and should be avoided. The best soil to use is that which is formulated and blended specifically for use in pots and containers. Typically this kind of soil mix will contain sand, grit or perlite.

Best types of soil

The best types of soil for indoor growing are generally the lighter, free draining mixes. Loam is not important really, provided that a proper nutrient solution is used throughout the crop. If there is any doubt about which soil to choose we would suggest that two or more types are used and compared. They will perform differently and it will be easy to see which is more suitable for the task in hand.

Gold Bag Special Mix is a blended mix and is designed to offer a maximum ligter structure. This is the characteristic that delivers faster and more vigorous growth, and is a product of the careful professional.

Follow our four easy steps on 'How to pot up in soil' below.

A suitable pot will need to be chosen. Virtually any plastic pot will do provided it has drainage holes underneath and a saucer/tray to stand in. The size of the pot will need to match the eventual size of the plants. For large plants the pot should have a capacity of at least 10L if not larger with 15L.

Many growers like to place a drainage layer in the bottom of the pot. Expanded clay or gravel can be used for this but it is not essential provided the soil mix is free draining.