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Plant Care

Plant Care

Plant growing can sometimes encounter problems, many of which are natural pests. The indoor growing environment often excludes natural predators and natural conditions that would help control these outbreaks. There are a range of products that are safe and easy to use, provide solutions to these problems and come in ready to use formats that restore order allowing your plants to thrive.


Aphids, generally known as Greenfly and Blackfly are small soft-bodied sap sucking insects.

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Mealybug is the common name given to insects of the Pseudococcidae family. There are many different species of mealybug, all of which are un-armoured scale insects that feed on plant sap.

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Spider Mite

Spider mites are tiny arachnids belonging to a group known as the Acarina. Although they belong to the same order as common spiders, there are distinct morphological differences.

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Whitefly feed on plant sap through a long tube-like mouth piece. Excess sap and waste products are excreted as honeydew, on to the plant leaves.


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