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Alpha Mix Organic Soil and Alpha Coco Rocks lead our complete range of growing substrates to suit all gardeners, which includes: soil, coco coir, Rockwool, clay pebbles, perlite and vermiculite.

Growth Technology


UGro XL is a 5-kilo brick of pressed and dehydrated coco peat in small particles, with a low percentage of fibres. With only 28 litres of water, it yields up to 70 litres of high quality coco peat.

Coco substrate is obtained by crushing and processing the outermost shell of the coconut and can be used as an alternative option to the more traditional substrates. It offers excellent water retention and airing properties that help the root system and the plant to grow faster. Being a sustainable and biodegradable organic matter means it also has natural trichodermas, a microorganism that fights root rot and stimulates the growth of plants.


Advantages of UGro XL:
  • Its big size makes it a money-saving solution.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It is suitable for all types of cultures, outdoors and indoors. Perfect for short-term/seasonal crops.



All the products are washed in soft water, buffered and get natural trichodermas.

UGro offers two types of structures, UGro Standard and UGro Mix3, created for all types of cultures and with no variation in its quality. Both structures have a low EC level and a buffer effect that helps achieve an optimal absorption while keeping the pH stable.  

UGro Standard (Plug, Small, XL, Cube and Pure)

  • Made of coco peat in small particles with a low percentage of fibres. It has excellent properties of air and water retention.
  • Low watering frequency.
  • Very high volumetric performance : 1kg of substrate can produce up to 15 litres of hydrated coco.
  • Recommended for short-term/seasonal crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.



UGro Mix3 (Pot and Slab)

  • Made of 40% of coco peat, 30% of 10cm long fibres and 30% of chips of a maximum size of 1 inch. It has a lower water retention but a greater air retention, leading to better roots respiration.
  • Higher watering frequency than the UGro Standard due to a better drainage and less water retention.
  • Lower volumetric performance than the Standard structure : 1kg of substrate only produces 13 litres of hydrated coco.
  • Long lifespan. It can be reuse for a greater amount of cultures.
  • Recommended for long-term/permanent crops, such as gerbera or roses.


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