Pest Control

Growth Technology offers a full range of products designed for controlling pests and diseases in the growing area.

Spidermite Control

Spider mites are a real hassle for growers. Spidermite Control is a great product that can resolve this problem. The mechanical action of the product suffocates the mites with an ultra-thin film of special oil.

Completely safe for humans, safe for plants – Deadly for Spidermites!


100% Organic – 100% Safe – 100% Effective

spider mite

Spider mite Control is an easy to use leaf wash that acts against Spider mites.

How to use:

Mix 25ml of SMC into 1 litre of water

Spray to and bottom of leaves with a fine mist

Can be used at all stages of plant growth – however, avoid spraying on flowers.

Plant Lifecycle

Propagation Early Grow Grow Bloom

Available Sizes
Spidermite Control 100ml
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