Plant Growth Stimulators

Growth Technology offers high quality plant growth stimulators that can be applied to a large range plants. Growth stimulants enable the plants to use the nutrients more efficiently which will result in stronger plants with increased aroma and flavour as well as larger yields.

Growth Technology

GreenMyst Humic

GreenMyst Humic contains pure and highly active compounds formed from the natural decomposition of plant materials over thousands of years. The peaty swamps of Florida are the source of the finest and purest humates, as used in GreenMyst Humic.

GreenMyst Humic is a biologically complex solution, which contains both Humic and Fulvic acids. These highly active compounds have various roles in soils, as well as in the plant itself. Humic substances promote the conversion of a number of elements into forms available to plants.

Using in Hydroponics

GreenMyst Humic can be added to the nutrient tank with every change. The complex organic plant acids will assist the roots to take up more nutrients and to transport them more effectively around the plant. This is achieved by partial chelation of specific nutrients into organic molecules, which are easily transported and readily taken up. This can deliver improved performance at every stage of growth. Plants will utilise the extra nutrient mobility to grow faster and stronger, producing a greater harvest, with improvements also in quality and flavour of produce.

Using In Soil

GreenMyst Humic will enhance soil fertility to a very high degree but it is also very active in the plant. It helps to create good soil structure and increases the water-holding capacity of the plant. It can also promote the development of beneficial microbial activity, enhancing soil fertility and nutrient availability.

  • Enhances Nutrition
  • Strengthens Roots
  • Increases Yield
  • Improves Flavour

Plant Lifecycle

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