Pest Control

Growth Technology offers a full range of products designed for controlling pests and diseases in the growing area.

Deep Clean

Deep Clean is an extremely powerful, non-organic pesticide designed for a wide range of plant pests, which attack consumable crops and plants, including ornamentals. It can be now announced that Deep Clean has been formally re-released following its complete registration, approving it for use within the hydroponic market.

Deep Clean is effective on a number of plant pests including thrips, aphids, beetles, beet fleas and most sucking/chewing pests found on ornamental and edible crops. Read more on pest problems click here.

The dosage rate is 5ml per litre and can be applied to plants throughout all stages. Last application is 7 days before harvest

  • dc_targetFully registered for the Hydroponics market
  • MAPP 16464
  • Extremely powerful UK non-organic pesticide
  • For use on pests such as Aphids and Thrip

Plant Lifecycle

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