Growing Substrates

Alpha Mix Organic Soil and Alpha Coco Rocks lead our complete range of growing substrates to suit all gardeners, which includes: soil, coco coir, Rockwool, clay pebbles, perlite and vermiculite.

Growth Technology

Guanokalong Complete Soil Mix

This growing media is charged with the correct amount of Guanokalong Powder.

Mixed with products like: seaweed powder, palm tree ashes, cottonseed powder, fish powder and volcanic loam, this unique mix of products represents a full body pure organic NPK value with loads of trace elements.

  • Fertilize from 2nd week.
  • Lightly enriched with Guanokalong
  • This soil contains: Perlite 10%, Baltic white peat, black peat, PG Mix and worm castings 10%.


How to use Guanokalong bat guano?

Guanokalong has a rich and unique composition of macro- and microelements as well as enzymes. The macro-element phosphorus in particular is present in abundance. Guanokalong only gradually releases its minerals, thanks to which burning the plant’s roots is all but impossible. The unique enzymes and the high calcium/magnesium-concentration of Guanokalong stimulate the micro life in the ground. To completely fertilize compost or garden it is advisable to add extra fertilizers to the mix.

Use: Mix 1 kg with 100 to 200 litres compost in the 1st week, or mix 1 measuring beaker of 50 grams per plant in a 7-litre pot.

Outdoors: 1 plant = 100 gram every 2 months, starting in April.

Plant Lifecycle

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Available Sizes
Guanokalong Complete Soil Mix 45 Litre Bag
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