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Nutrients supplements are essential products to boost healthy plant growth at different stages of a plants life. To be used alongside a usual nutrient programme.


AquaBurst was designed specifically for plants grown in pots or containers of soil, coco, and other solid media, to solve a problem that many growers are unaware of, namely the uneven wetting of all these horticultural media. Small dry areas in the pot can rapidly become resistant to wetting and remain dry even when the container is re-watered. Water applied from above whether by drippers or by hand will always seek the easiest and most well-travelled route downwards.

Water is attracted to areas of moisture and will not travel sideways into the dry soil areas very easily. This effect can dramatically reduce the volume of soil and nutrients that are available to the roots. Combating this will have a positive effect on growth rates and on crop performance.

The benefit of AquaBurst
  • Regular use of AquaBurst will ensure healthy, unimpeded root growth and optimal plant performance. Root hair growth whilst using Aquaburst is vastly improved and allows the plant to utilise all the available nutrients.AB2


  • Add AquaBurst to the water or nutrient solution regularly to ensure that moisture and nutrients are delivered throughout the growing medium, and that roots have constant access to the entire volume of soil.
  • Hydroponic market strength with a dose rate of 1ml/l.

AquaBurst of dry soils a wetting agentThese images show the results immediately and 25 minutes after watering. It is clear that AquaBurst has an impressive ability to lower the surface tension of a liquid, which helps it to spread across a larger surface.

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