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Growth Technology offers the specialty Focus brand nutrients and products for a variety of different plants. The industry-leading Orchid Focus nutrient sells throughout the world with the same innovative approach also being applied to cropping plants, such as Tomatoes and Chillies, as well as display plants like Bonsai and Roses.

Tomato Focus

Tomato Focus is tailored to specific water sources. It is the result of unique and sophisticated formulation work to provide all the required nutrients in the correct ratio. Tomato Focus will support healthy, vigorous plant growth with prolific and tasty fruits or supreme floral displays.

Hard water or soft?

About a third of the UK has hard tap water which usually has high pH and it requires specially formulated fertilisers with appropriate levels of mineral nutrients.

Tomato Focus and Plant Focus Hard Water are designed to ensure:

    • Better availability of nutrients
    • Less salt build-up in the growing medium


Soft water and rain water are lacking many key minerals for healthy plant growth. Tomato Focus insures

tomato lifestyleless likelihood of mineral deficiencies such as blossom end rot and delivers the full profile of minerals, including the appropriate levels of crucial nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and iron.

  • Better protection against chlorosis.


Tomato Focus

and its Hard Water formula varient

The first water specific nutrition for remarkable results

The Tomato Focus formulation is highly specific to the requirements of tomatoes. Tomatoes require high levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium in order to reach full potential. This fertiliser will prove invaluable, where the substrate volume is limited, such as in grow bags.

tomato child

Mineral or organic?

Plants in the wild derive key nutrients from mineral sources, basically from dissolved rocks in the soil structure. Crucial nutrients, such as phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, are largely derived from mineral sources and are crucial to success with tomatoes.

But wild plants also have access, at least in fertile soils, to a wide range of organic nutrients derived from plant and animal waste, and from the ceaseless activity of earthworms, bacteria and other soil dwelling organisms.tomato

Even a cursory examination of natural systems will inform that plants need a complex nutrient profile derived from BOTH mineral and organic sources to achieve full potential. Tomato Focus and Plant Focus nutrients contain just that profile.

Pure soluble mineral salts form the foundation of Tomato Focus and Plant Focus nutrients, while the rich organic extracts and plant acids add vigour to the growth and flavour to the harvest.

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