Lighting & Electrical Control

Lighting is essential for plant growth and controlling the electricity safely vitally important. Growth Technology supply lighting systems from T5 fluorescents units to High Intensity Discharge lights such as HPS/MH, as well as light controllers.

Growth Technology

Green Room Ratchet Hangers

Growth Technology Ratchet Hangers allow you to secure items quickly, easily – and at just the right height.

Ratchet Hangers are ideal for raising and securing:

  • Reflectors
  • Carbon Filters
  • Fans

Rope length is 1.8 m.

Maximum weight capacity is 68 kg per pair.

Growth Technology Ratchet Hangers are perfect for secure mounting of lights and other heavy items. The ratchet locks the rope in place and will never slip or break. Lights can be hooked on at a safe level and then just raised into position, with minimum effort. Each click of the ratchet raises the item another notch, so lights can be mounted at exactly the right height and then raised or lowered, as needed, with a simple tug of the cord. The included carabiner clips are totally secure and allow heavy items to be safely lifted.

  • Easily raise up to 68 kg per pair.
  • Pull the cord and lift lights safely into place.
  • Makes other light raisers obsolete.
  • 2 hangers per pack

Plant Lifecycle

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