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Growth Technology offers the specialty Focus brand nutrients and products for a variety of different plants. The industry-leading Orchid Focus nutrient sells throughout the world with the same innovative approach also being applied to cropping plants, such as Tomatoes and Chillies, as well as display plants like Bonsai and Roses.

Palm Focus

Balanced nutrition for palms in containers

Palm Focus is precisely formulated for the needs of palms, especially for those grown in pots and containers. Palm Focus is designed to support healthy, vigorous growth and long-term viability.

Soil fertility is the key to success and is maintained in pots by Palm Focus with its rich supply of organic plant acids and pure concentrates of seaweed.

  • Complements sales of palms


Palm focus on plants for better growth and leaf

Plant Lifecycle

Grow Bloom

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Available Sizes
Palm Focus 100 ml
Palm Focus 300 ml
Palm Focus 1 Litre
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