Growing Substrates

Alpha Mix Organic Soil and Alpha Coco Rocks lead our complete range of growing substrates to suit all gardeners, which includes: soil, coco coir, Rockwool, clay pebbles, perlite and vermiculite.

Growth Technology

Orchid Focus Repotting Mix

A bark based medium for orchids, as used by commercial orchid growers in Holland. A very popular product among our customers.

It is composed of graded bark, blended with coconut fibre chips of various sizes. This complex matrix maintains a superb balance of air and moisture and is ideal for most popular orchid species and hybrids.

Use with our Orchid products such as Orchid Myst and Orchid Focus nutrient for best results.

Available Sizes
Orchid Focus Repotting Mix 3 Litres
Orchid Focus Repotting Mix 10 Litres
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