Organic Plant Nutrients

Green Future Organic fertilisers are a range of products which were designed to contribute to the long term fertility of the garden. These products will directly nourish plants and will also support the essential soil bacteria and fungal ecosystem that is essential for efficient root function. These 100% organic products are safe and easy to use.

Kalong Bloom Organic Liquid

Kalong Bloom Organic Liquid is designed for use in soil and coco systems.  It contains stimulants for the microbes in the substrate to promote healthy root function. It is designed to maximise the bloom period of the grow cycle to enhance crops.

The Kalong Liquid products are designed to work alongside Guanokalong Powder – their combined organic nutrient profile gives stunning results.


How to use Guanokalong bat guano?

Guanokalong has a rich and unique composition of macro- and microelements as well as enzymes. The macro-element phosphorus in particular is present in abundance. Guanokalong only gradually releases its minerals, thanks to which burning the plant’s roots is all but impossible. The unique enzymes and the high calcium/magnesium-concentration of Guanokalong stimulate the micro life in the ground. To completely fertilize compost or garden it is advisable to add extra fertilizers to the mix.

Use: Mix 1 kg with 100 to 200 litres compost in the 1st week, or mix 1 measuring beaker of 50 grams per plant in a 7-litre pot.

Outdoors: 1 plant = 100 gram every 2 months, starting in April.

Plant Lifecycle


Available Sizes
Kalong Bloom Organic Liquid 1 Litre
Kalong Bloom Organic Liquid 5 Litre
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