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Growth Technology offers the specialty Focus brand nutrients and products for a variety of different plants. The industry-leading Orchid Focus nutrient sells throughout the world with the same innovative approach also being applied to cropping plants, such as Tomatoes and Chillies, as well as display plants like Bonsai and Roses.

Hanging Basket Focus

Hanging Basket Focus has been developed to deliver the best balanced nutrition for outstanding basket displays.

The development of this product focused on delivering three key benefits to plants grown in this unique environment.

Mineral Nutrients – a balanced blend of all 14 essential elements to give plants the ability to produce luxurious growth and prolific numbers of flowers.

Organic Growth Enhancers – the ability of plant roots to utilise mineral nutrients is controlled by the health of the soil. Organic additives in the form of seaweed, humic acid and fulvic acid create a fertile environment for roots to readily absorb the essential mineral nutrients required for healthy growth.


Soil penetration – Hanging baskets are notorious for drying out and very hard to re-wet. This process radically reduces the volume of soil available to plant roots. Once soil is dry, water tracks around it, finding the easiest route to the bottom of the pot, so despite watering, sections of hanging baskets can remain bone dry and useless to plants. Hanging Basket Focus utilises HydroBurst technology which enhances the lateral movement of liquids in soil. HydroBurst ensures the entire hanging basket is wet when it is watered in giving the plants the best possible display opportunity.

HydroBurst technology delivers:

  • Better watering with less wasted water – it does this by lowering the surface tension of the liquid allowing it to penetrate even the hardest and driest soils.
  • Easy rewetting of all growing media, reducing the risk of drought stress and minimising drying out.
  • Maximum uptake of water and enhanced nutrient delivery to allow plants the best opportunity for healthy growth and stunning floral displays.

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Available Sizes
Hanging Basket Focus 300ml
Hanging Basket Focus 1 litre
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