Organic Plant Nutrients

Green Future Organic fertilisers are a range of products which were designed to contribute to the long term fertility of the garden. These products will directly nourish plants and will also support the essential soil bacteria and fungal ecosystem that is essential for efficient root function. These 100% organic products are safe and easy to use.

Guanokalong Palm Tree Ash

Guanokalong Palm Tree Ash originates from the Indonesian island Sulawesi. The ashes contain a high quantity of potassium, some phosphorus and magnesium. Used together with Guanokalong powder, Guanokalong Palm Tree Ash is an organic bloom booster.

Guanokalong Palm tree ashes 25kg bag


  • Water with solution of 1 cup (50 ml) to 5 liters of water every 2 weeks in flowering stage.
  • Mix  2 cups with 15 liters of soil (1 plant) in second week of  flowering or use as top dressing

Plant Lifecycle


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