Environmental Control

Growth Technology offer a complete range of environmental control products to assist the grower with providing the ideal climate for plants to flourish.

GSE Humidifier and Dehumidifier Controller

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Humidity control could make the difference between a crop’s success and its failure. This accurate plug and play controller for either a humidifier or dehumidifier makes controlling this environmental condition easy.

The unit comes complete in a waterproof casing, IP 44 rated, with a compatible mains socket with hinged lids, and a digital low voltage sensor, making it the perfect controller for humid rooms. Simply plug the unit in between the power supply and the humidifier or dehumidifier, set the desired humidity range, and let the controller take control.

The sensor is supplied with a 4-meter cable.

Settings range:
Humidity: 30% to 100%
Hysteresis:dehumidifier -10% to -1% and humidifier +1% to +10%


All G.S.E products are engineered and manufactured in Europe and are available exclusively from Growth Technology retailers.

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