AutoPot Growing Systems

Automated watering systems that can be used in small to large scale growing situations. These systems can be used with any medium, and are ideal for tomato, chilli, cucumber, pepper, lettuce or herb production.


CocoMats are a blend of coco fibres and latex and have been designed to be used in a Garland tray. Simply place the CocoMats in the tray, add a layer of root control fabric and sit small pots or seed trays on top. The 3cm deep CocoMats will wick water and nutrients from the tray up to the young plants or seedlings above, keeping them gently irrigated. Automatically irrigate young plants by adding an easy2GO Kit to the tray. Measuring 58cm x 51cm x 3cm, two CocoMats will fit perfectly in a Garland Giant Plus tray or can be easily trimmed to fit a smaller tray.

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