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Growth Technology offers a full range of products designed for controlling pests and diseases in the growing area.

CleanLight Pro

The CleanLight Pro unit is for more professional growers. The UV light kills powdery mildew and botrytis very effectively. By swiping your plants with CleanLight you will immediately kill all the fungusses, virusses and bacteria on the crops.

The CleanLight technique is a clean and effective way of protecting and strengthening the crops.


How does CleanLight work?

CleanLight Pro is based on UV technology. It has been known that UV light kills fungi for more than 100 years. However, this early knowledge concerned very high doses of UV light. If crops were exposed to this kind of dosage, then people, crops and biological control would be at risk. So conventional UV disinfection is not applicable to greenhouse farming crops.

The CleanLight technique works with a dosage, which:

a) Is high enough to kill fungi, bacteria and viruses

b) Is low enough to ensure crops will not suffer any damage.

WARNING: Always wear the safety glasses and gloves provided with this product. NEVER look at a UV light. Store out of reach of children. Full Instructions and safety information provided with the product.

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