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Clean Light

The CleanLight technique is a clean and effective way of protecting and strengthening the crops.

How does CleanLight work?

CleanLight is based on UV technology. It has been known that UV light kills fungi for more than 100 years. However, this early knowledge concerned very high doses of UV light. If crops were exposed to this kind of dosage, then people, crops and biological control would be at risk. So conventional UV disinfection is not applicable to greenhouse farming crops.

The CleanLight technique works with a dosage, which:

a) Is high enough to kill fungi, bacteria and viruses

b) Is low enough to ensure crops will not suffer any damage.


Using CleanLight allows horticulturists to realise at least a 50% reduction in fungicides when combating diseases, such as Mildew and Botrytis. The reduced spraying and daily dosage of CleanLight makes the plant stronger, more defensible and vital, which will also increase the quality of crops and products.

This technique will also save on labour costs when fighting fungi, viruses and bacteria. The technique offers a re-entry time of mere seconds and will prevent Maximum Residue Level (MRL) concerns. Plus it avoids any excess moisture in the greenhouse or on crops and the application is completely free of any residue!

WARNING: Always wear the safety glasses and gloves provided with this product. NEVER look at a UV light. Store out of reach of children. Full Instructions and safety information provided with the product.

WARNING: Always wear the safety glasses and gloves provided with this product. NEVER look at a UV light. Store out of reach of Children. Full Instructions and safety information provided with the product.

Use with Vegetables & Fruit


Mildew is a natural phenomenon on leaves. When conditions are right, Mildew will parasitise by getting carbohydrates out of the leaves and thereby lowering productivity. This is easy to combat by using a low dosage of CleanLight every single day to kill off the mycelium.


The Botrytis fungus grows on dead plant material and from there can come into contact with live material. This can result in major damage. Some of the Botrytis effects include a deterioration of the fruit or plant itself. It can even lead to complete failure with young plants. These effects can be combated with a daily CleanLight treatment.

Please note: The CleanLight technique should be used 7 days a week for a successful fight against Botrytis, as Botrytis can strike within 24 hours.

Clean light hand held Growth Technology plant care

Botrytis in tomato cultivation

The Botrytis fungus usually penetrates the plant via the small wound, which is created after leaf picking. It is therefore important to ensure the lights are adjusted in such a way that the fresh wound with the developed mycelium is well lit, before the fungus gets a chance to penetrate the stem and protect itself against CleanLight.

Even if the fungus has managed to penetrate the stem, it is still advisable to continue treating the stem with CleanLight, as this will inhibit the growth of Botrytis and will slow down the spread to other plants.


Pepino and Clavibacter in tomato and cucumber cultivation

These viruses have a low CleanLight tolerance. Daily CleanLight treatments will stop the spread of viruses or bacteria, or at the very least slow it down.


Mycosphaerella in cucumber cultivation and Fusarium in pepper cultivation

Mycosphaerella and Fusarium has successfully been tackled with the CleanLight technique. However, fighting off Mycosphaerella and Fusarium demands a different use of the CleanLight technique than the common method. Please contact one of our CleanLight crop protection specialists for more information.


Quality Improvement

By reducing the amount of spraying, and as a result of the strengthening effect of a daily CleanLight treatment, crops will visibly be doing better. This means crops or fruits will be of better quality and will suffer fewer failures. Plus the crops will be more defensible, both during cultivation and transport.


No residue!

One of the biggest advantages of the CleanLight technique is the fact that it leaves no residue and can be used as often as necessary. This means the CleanLight technique can be used right up to the harvest period without worrying about Maximum Residue Levels (MRL’s).


For plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

All fungi that grows from the outside in. Fungus that is easy to kill with Cleanlight UV crop protection is, for example, powdery mildew. This type of fungus stays “on” the plant. Diseases that can be lit with CleanLight UV lamps will be killed. With regard to botrytis, this fungus can also be killed with CleanLight but if it has grown into the plant or crop, it is not possible to cure it again.

a) Fights fungus, bacteria and viruses. .

b) Does not leave any residue’s on the crop.

c) Safe Plug & Play unit.

d) 100% Biological.

Yes, powdery mildew is the main fungus that can be fought effectively by with the Cleanlight Hobby Unit.

CleanLight advises that the CleanLight Hobby Unit should be used on a daily basis. Against powdery mildew or other fungus types that do not grow into the plant, it is also possible to use the light 2 or 3 times per week.

The CleanLight method will have little or no effect on the deactivation of spider mites or lice. However, it is proven that less spraying will make the leaves and stem of a plant stronger. The wax layer remains intact, and therefore the epidermis of the crop is also strengthened. This has a positive effect on the immune system of a plant. It is resistant to any infestations of spider mites or lice.


CleanLight advises to replace the bulb once every two years. The light bulb is tested and works for 4000-6500 hours. This mainly depends on the amount of off/on switches.

CleanLight recommends the Hobby Unit warms up for one minute before starting treatment.

In the past years, CleanLight conducted a lot of research regarding this subject, with positive results.

The CleanLight method is based on a UV-C dosage that is:

a) High enough to kill the mycelium (germinating fungi)

b) Low enough to not apply any damage to the crop.

No, this very low dose of UV-C light is not harmful to natural fighters. Practical experience has shown that several of our satisfied users work with the combination of CleanLight and a biological control method.

The CleanLight technology is usable in the open air. Crops in the open air are usually stronger and can therefore endure more light. Plants outside can be lit up to 10 seconds on one spot.

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