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Growth Technology offers the specialty Focus brand nutrients and products for a variety of different plants. The industry-leading Orchid Focus nutrient sells throughout the world with the same innovative approach also being applied to cropping plants, such as Tomatoes and Chillies, as well as display plants like Bonsai and Roses.

Chilli Focus

The premier liquid nutrient for chillies and peppers

Chilli Focus is based on commercial chilli nutrients, as manufactured by Growth Technology for over twenty years.

Chillies and peppers have specific nutritional requirements. While it is true reasonable growth and performance can be gained with general purpose “feeds”, the best results will only be achieved by using a formulation specifically designed. Chilli Focus is precisely formulated for the needs of chillies and peppers. It supports the production of healthier, more vigorous plants and colourful, juicier fruits.

  • Superb packaging and presentation.
  • Complements sales of chillies and peppers.

Plant Lifecycle

Early Grow Grow Bloom

Available Sizes
Chilli Focus 100 ml
Chilli Focus 300 ml
Chilli Focus 1 Litre
Chilli Focus 5 Litres
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