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Understanding the nutrient solution is an important part of successful growing. Growth Technology’s accurate range of Bluelab meters and testing equipment make this task quick and easy.

Bluelab – replacement pH Probe

Replace the pH probe rather than the whole Bluelab Meter!

The Bluelab pH Probe is a replacement pH probe suitable for use with Bluelab products that use a BNC fitting.

pH probes do not last forever as they age through normal use and will eventually fail. With good care and use (keeping the probe tip moist and cleaning once a month) its life will be extended.

The Bluelab pH Probe has a double junction reference providing longer life and is a gel-filled non-refillable probe, so it is maintenance-free.


  • Easy to clean
  • Gel filled (non-refillable)
  • Double junction
  • Waterproof cable joint
  • Probe holder included – keeps probe secure
  • Quality BNC connection
  • 2 metre / 6.56 foot standard cable

bluelab 6 month

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