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Ratchet Hanger XL

Easy to use and twice as strong, the new Ratchet Hanger XL will make raising and lowering heavy items precise, safe and easy. Sold singly, each XL has a maximum rating of 68 kg and is ideal for raising and…

pK boost Growth Technology

NEW IONIC PK Boost 14:15

We are very excited to announce a completely new IONIC® PK Boost. This product is formulated to supply the crucial elements needed for flowering at the closest possible levels to the plants’ requirements. This supplement is suitable for all crops…

Clonex Mist Growth Technology Root Propagation growing hydroponic rooting hormone gel

Clonex Mist – the NEW propagating revolution

Clonex Mist is the latest technological breakthrough in propagation, saving time and helping develop stronger plants. Following three years of extensive development, Growth Technology are excited to bring you this latest product. Independent testing by Suntec Laboratory in New Zealand…