Growth Technology

Instructions for Growers

In the unlikely even that you feel something isn’t right with your Growth Technology product, please return it to your retailer and discuss the problem, they will in turn talk to our technical team to understand and resolve the problem.

Probes, Truncheons & Pens – they do need looking after!!

All E.C. and pH probes must be cleaned thoroughly and correctly calibrated prior to returning to the store.

All probes require regular maintenance as part of correct use; this includes appropriate cleaning, calibrating and storage. Please see the product instructions. The Bluelab product pages of this website give good instructions on the use and care of their meters and monitors



Misters only work with Reverse Osmosis water (R.O. water). Any mister returned that has been used with any solution other than R.O. water will be in contravention of the product warranty. As such any mister returned with evidence of not following this procedure will not be credited.

Any electrical item returned to us must be returned with the original plug attached.

Retailers – Please refer to your copy of the Growth Technology Price list for details on returning goods OR speak to your contact in our sales office.

If the item is diagnosed faulty by our technician, we will do our best to either repair the faulty item or provide a replacement providing the item is in stock at our warehouse.