Growth Technology
We take great pride in our Growth Technology product range, innovation and quality being our ultimate goals. However, we realise we can’t manufacture everything a grower may need. Our development and sourcing team work tirelessly across the globe to bring the UK grower the best products we can source from partner manufacturers. The emphasis on innovation and quality is what drives us forward and our partner manufacturers below share this same desire. All these products are all available from Growth Technology retail customers.


Hydrodynamics International (HDI)

HDI are a key member of the Growth Technology family, bringing the innovation in our products to the growers of North America. Since 1997 they have manufactured our products in their Michigan base to the same high standard as in the UK, implementing rigorous quality control procedures. They also have their own additions to the range suited to the US grower. The knowledge base in the HDI team is unrivalled in the US market and they pride themselves on the best possible customer service.

US growers should check out their website for on-going information on our products available stateside.

BlueLab bufferBluelab

Bluelab Corporation Limited manufactures the World’s favourite hand-held meters and control equipment for measuring and controlling parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature of a liquid. Their equipment can be used by everybody from the home gardening enthusiast through to more robust commercial applications.

Bluelab has 30 years experience in the manufacture of electronics and are well known for their products such as the Bluelab Truncheon®, Bluelab Dosetronic® and Bluelab Meters™. Bluelab Corporation Limited are leaders in the industry and here at Growth Technology we strongly recommend these high quality products.

cleanlight bufferClean Light

Clean Light has invented, patented and brought the CleanLight crop protection technology into the real world practice of agricultural professionals and home gardeners worldwide.

CleanLight crop protection is a ground-breaking technology that provides protection against fungi, bacteria and viruses on all major crops and plants without the use of harmful chemicals. The company has built up an impressive intellectual property portfolio from this innovative technology. Growth Technology have the sole distribution rights of CleanLight products throughout the UK and would suggest the product is essential to any grower.

GSE buffer

G-Systems Engineering Ltd. (G.S.E)

Founded in Bulgaria GSE specialise in electronics and produce devices to control air humidity and temperature regulation in the home and on a commercial basis. GSE design and manufacture all its products to meet the unique needs of their customers. With an innovative attitude they continue to develop industry leading products. Growth Technology support GSE on their mission to make life easier for the customer, and continue to distribute GSE products to the whole of the UK.


Growth Technology strive to bring its customers innovation in plant nutrients. The Guanokalong organic fertiliser range has proven a worthy addition to our own range. The bat guano powder and complete soil mix are created from ecologically-harvested bat droppings which have composted in dry caves for long periods of time.

nanolux dig ballNanolux

Nanolux ballasts are revolutionizing the world of indoor gardening. The Nanolux digital HID ballast are the smallest, lightest and most stable digital electronic HID ballast available today. Growth Technology has created a working partnership with Nanolux and are please to distribute their product to our retailers.