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Growmax Water Float Valves – never flood your grow room again!

Refilling your water tank can be a boring, repetitive and arduous task.

It is because of these very reasons that it is so easy to forget about, even once the job has been started – and we all know that doesn’t end well!

So take a peep at one of Growmax Water’s recent blog posts to learn how their float valve system can put a stop to these soggy situations:


“How many times have you forgotten to turn off the water before the water tank reaches its maximum capacity?

While we wait to full our tank of purified water, we often prepare fertilizers and nutrients or focus on other issues like cleaning the grow room or even leaving for a while. However, after a long absence, we may come back to find a mess in the grow room: the water overflows and the room is flooded.

This is a very common situation that has happened to more than one of us, but this can be prevented by installing a float valve in the tank.”


How does the valve work? Click here to find out