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Plantasia’s Awesome Onion Blog

The guys at Plantasia have had a rather busy year. As well as hosting this summer’s Autopot Festival in August – which must have been a mammoth undertaking – they’ve also recently launched a brand new website. And while all of this has been going on, Ben has even found the time to sneak in some brilliant blog writing that documents his now annual attempts at growing giant onions.

“I like to water in my plants with a mix of Nitrozyme (seaweed concentrate), Blackjack (Humic & Fulvic acid), Superdrive (vitamin and hormone supplement) and Aquaburst (wetting agent), all of these are made by Growth Technology Ltd.  They provide a great organic profile to the root zone containing all the good stuff your plants thrive on and that is missing from most plant nutrients.  They are really good for your beneficial soil microbes too, stimulating them into action and giving them an initial energy supply.  I use this mix regularly throughout the plants life, once a fortnight is sufficient for onions.”

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