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Liquid Oxygen

As we have been advising, it is no longer permissible to sell hydrogen peroxide to the general public at concentrations
greater than 12%.

We now have stocks of this product at 11.9% which is fully compliant with UK law. This is a NEW product with a NEW barcode so retail EPOS systems will need to be adjusted. To acquire the new barcodes please contact us.

The new product has a strong green element to the label so you can tell at a glance which version it is. It also contains a clear statement of the concentration which is 11.9%.

LO change

We are ready to take orders for this new product.


We do still have some stock of the old 17.5% product and we can sell this provided that we add the following statement to the packaging:

‘Acquisition, possession or use by the general public is restricted’

However retailers can only sell this to customers with a Home Office license.