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Grow it to the Max with GrowMax Water

We have recently introduced a Water Treatment category to the range of products distributed by Growth Technology. It is excellent news to be awarded the sole UK distribution rights of the GrowMax water filters and RO (reverse osmosis) units. A number of stores are already stocking these high quality water treatment products.

Who are GrowMax?

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GrowMax Water Europe, has engineered an exclusive line of water treatment systems for the Hydroponic and Gardening industries, providing solutions to all growers, whether they are hobbyists and lovers of plants and flowers, or, of course professional cultivators. Our complete branded line of products reduce or eliminate Chlorine as well as Salts, Heavy Metals and Volatile Organic Contaminants, providing Pure Water that allows for growers to use the full potential of their nutrients, soils, fertilizers and achieve maximum results.

Why do I need to treat my water?

Web water changeThe quality of water that is available can have a great impact on the quality of plant and crop that are eventually achieved. The purifiers pass the water through a 5 micron sedimentary filter to remove unwanted solids (mineral ions) from the water. The water then passes through a solid activated coconut carbon block which removes some important substances that can affect plant growth.

  • Chlorine – Chlorinated water may disturb healthy bacterial growth and harm beneficial microorganisms. It can also prevent nutrient uptake essential to the growth of the plant, as well as alter pH levels.
  • Herbicides – Harmful to plants and in larger concentrations can kill your crop.
  • Pesticides – not only do these affect the growth of rhizobia but also have an adverse impact on their plant growth promotion activities.
  • Benzenes – can inhibit photosynthesis or block normal plant cell division and therefore stunt growth.

With the GrowMax RO units you not only eliminate all these substances, but further with the reverse osmosis range (Mega Grow, Power Grow and GrowMax 3000) will remove most of the minerals, salts, heavy metals, nitrates, and all you to start with the purest water possible. Many growers use RO water to ensure they have complete control over EC and pH levels, and therefore ensuring optimum growth and bumper yields.

You don’t want to remove all the mineral and salts in your tap water? 

This is not a problem as GrowMax gives you the option between an RO unit or just a filter unit. For those growers who just want to remove Chlorine and the other harmful chemicals then the filter range (Eco Grow, Garden Grow, Super Grow and Pro Grow) is for you.


Ask for GrowMax water treatment units at your local grow shop. Find your nearest stockist here