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SuperPro added to distribution list

We have developed relationships with many 3rd party suppliers and we are pleased to announce the introduction of Superpro Technology Controllers. Superpro has spent years developing advanced environmental controllers for the hydroponic and controlled environment gardening markets.

We have selected them to join our range due to their ability to manufacture the highest quality environmental control products with a thorough understanding of the application of these products in our industry.

The engineers at Superpro have been developing environmental controllers for the North American market for close to 20 years. Superpro Technologies is the largest manufacturer of growing environmental controllers and CO2 generation equipment on the planet. Growth Technology will now be distributing their products to the UK. You can find your nearest retailer by utilising our stockist page, simply put in a town or postcode.

“Our products offer a simple user interface which is designed specifically for our market. Although our products are easy to use, the products themselves are quite advanced and offer features not found in other growing environmental controllers.” -SuperPro

  • All products offer a 3 year unconditional warranty.
  • All of our products are listed in compliance with the major certification and listing organizations in North America and Europe.

“Let our research, development and superior products control your growing environment. Your plants deserve the best controlled environment possible for the maximum yields that you also deserve.” – SuperPro

Range Includes

Carbon CO2 controller Growth Technology

Recyling Timer SuperPro hydroponics Growth Technology

Temperature controller for grow room. Growth Technology and SuperPro

Humidity controller superpro hydroponics Growth Technology

Superpro fan speed controller Hydroponics Growth Technology