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We are always striving to develop strong relationships with our retail customers. It is our on-going aim to deliver innovative, effective products and top level customer service. This in turn gives growers the best possible results with the greatest of ease.

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Following our recent re-brand we have been offering our UK stockists the chance to sign up and display our new shop stand. The stand features our complete range of nutrients, stimulators, enhancers and nutrient management liquids.

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Each shelf is organised and corresponds to each stage of growing. We have our top shelf complete with Clonex, Clonex Mist and other products required for successful propagation. There are individual shelves dedicated to both Grow and Bloom stages, featuring our powerful Ionic range and our unique twin pack GreenHaze. Lower down we have a shelf dedicated for the important nutrient management liquids, this includes our essential Liquid Silicon, which has become a very popular product with a lot of growers.


Stores signed up include:

  • Ace Hydroponics
  • Bowen Hydroponics
  • Glossop Hydroponics
  • Go Green Garden supplies
  • Just Grow
  • Mill Race Garden centre
  • NPK Technology
  • Premier Grow
  • South Wales Hydro
  • Triangle Hydroponics
  • UGrow


rootriot  FRONTPropagation 24 Promotion

Further stockists have taken advantage of our Propagation 24 Promotion. This includes the essential products needed for propagating a cutting and seed sowing.


24 x Root Riot Trays (Each with 24 cubes)

24 x Bottles of Clonex Mist

24 x Bottles of Clonex

1 x FREE Bulk Display Unit