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Nanolux – Smallest, Smartest and Coolest Ballast

For the past two weeks we have played host to Angelo and Carlos from Next Tech Now. They have come to introduce the UK to the next generation of digital ballasts from Nanolux. We take great pride in the quality of the products we distribute, and the Nanolux Digital Ballast is no exception, in fact it is a step forward in ballast design.

The ballast has been designed to give a longer life by running cooler, up to 20%, than other digital ballasts maximising the PAR light output available and will save 30% on power consumption over magnetic ballasts. The Nanolux is a flexible ballast which can ignite both MH & HPS lamps.

nanolux next to iphone 2For ease of use the ballasts have the option to be run at three power settings of 100% and dimmable settings of 75% & 50%.

Switching between the settings is controlled by a unique soft start protection feature which adjusts to a diff erent setting over a 15 minute period, preventing damage to your lamp. This soft start system also applies when the unit is switched on. The units have inbuilt protection circuits that will prevent damage caused by short circuit, circuit overheating or lamp failure. The protective nature of the product means it will thermally cut out at 105°C and restart when the unit has cooled to 55°C. When several Nanolux ballast are used, the protective start up technology kicks in and delays the start of each unit with a 15 second safety window lowering the initial amperage draw at the start of the lighting cycle.

nanolux bullet pointxsCool Running – can be stacked if necessary

nanolux bullet pointxs

Safe start & safe dim control extends life of lamp by adjusting power over a 15 min period.

nanolux bullet pointxs

Intelligent start, when multiple ballasts are used they will start over a 15 second period minimising initial amperage draw.

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Can be used for either Metal Halide or HPS lamps

nanolux bullet pointxs

Flexible use –  dimmer power settings at 100%, 75% & 50%

The smallest and most stylish digital ballast on the market. Its compact design makes it a must have product. Proof small things do pack a punch

Nanolux next to iphone1

Angelo and Carlos have teamed up with our sales team and have been visiting a number of stores throughout the UK. Despite the weather and the floods, they have been spreading the word of this revolutionary ballast store by store. Here are just a few hydroponic stores our team have visited this past week, these will now be stocking Nanolux digital ballasts.


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