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UGro – Its more than just Coco

Today Growth Technology welcomed Ashit Gwalani from UGro! He returns to us with an updated insight into whats been going on with UGro’s premium Coco products.

Who are UGro? 

UGro is a range of high quality coco substrates that is peat-free, biodegradable and eco-friendly. It is designed to help you achieve best results with rooting, growing and flowering while protecting the environment. Using UGro will help you reduce your carbon footprint and preserve peatlands, home to many rare organisms and a vital habitat for birds, dragonflies and plants.

It is more than just Coco…

All UGro products are buffered, which means they have been treated with a solution in order to reduce the Potassium and Sodium levels. This ensures that the fertilizer you will use is directly available to your plants. The raw materials we use come from plantations that are located far from the Indian coast, in a salt-free environment, avoiding any contact with saltwater. This guarantees a low EC level in all our products, with the best premium quality, pack after pack. Moreover, the UGro products are easy to dispose once they have been used. If you have a home compost bin, you can leave the coco in it. Or if you prefer, you can allow it to naturally decompose in your garden. It’s that easy!
UGro is the perfect growing medium for both beginners and expert gardeners.




Our products have been praised by our customers for their constant high quality. Our coconut palm tree plantations are located in India, far away from the coast, in a salt-free environment, and thus guaranteeing a low EC level in all products 


UGro quality

All our products are made of Kokoslab premium quality coco peat. That gives you the guarantee of a constant homogeneity through all our product range and the same quality, pack after pack. Now these are our guarantees to you:

1.  Homogeneity.
2.  Consistency of a high quality.
3.  Washed in sweet water and far from the sea.
4.  Perfectly controlled conductivity.