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Stores sign up to the Bluelab dealership programme

This week we have played host to Larry Bourland, USA Retail Account Manager for Bluelab Corporation Limited. Larry arrived just over two weeks ago and has spent that time on the road with our Sales Reps. They have visited a number of stores within the UK, introducing the new Bluelab dealership programme and educating retailers about the products we at Growth Technology distribute in partnership with Bluelab.

It was a pleasure to have an individual passionately discuss such a game changing product range. We really did learn a thing or two from Larry regarding presenting the Bluelab products, and we will be educating our customers who sign up to become Certified Bluelab dealers.

Welcome to the Bluelab dealership program:

  • Greendaze Ashington
  • Selby Hydroponics
  • Greenthings Hydroponics
  • Starlite Systems
  • Plantasia


Who are Bluelab?

Bluelab Corporation Limited manufactures the world’s favourite hand-held meters and control equipment for measuring and controlling parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature of a liquid. Their equipment can be used by everybody from the home gardening enthusiast through to more robust commercial applications.


What is the Bluelab dealership programme?

A fully integrated training, education and merchandising programme for retailers.

Programme objective

The objective of this programme is to effectively and efficiently educate and train retail stores and staff in the importance of testing equipment so they can confidently educate growers.

This will improve the success of each grower, giving stores growers for life. The benefit to all of us; retailers, distributors and manufacturers is the continuous increase of sales within our industry.



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Visit our Stockist page to search for your nearest Bluelab dealer!