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We decided to do a study through our customers and the hydroponic community, to investigate which Hydroponics magazine they prefer to read.

Our Facebook campaign and conversations with our customers allowed us to examine which magazine gets your vote. All magazines are great in their own way and provide some great articles on Hydroponics and the culture of our community. Here at Growth Technology head quarters we love to read them all. Numerous copies of these magazines can be found in our staff rooms!


With just over 450 votes, we can now publish these results and some feedback which we received over social media


magazine results


A Martin – Facebook “Garden culture is one of the bests, but needs less advertising and more articles about current hydroponic farms feeding the world. Spreading knowledge about types of hydroponic farming and how frequently people come into contact with it will help to remove the stigma from this industry!”


D Davis – Facebook “I love the Grind Mag. Full of useful info from Beginners to Pro’s. A great read. When I get my head into reading the grind mag I can’t put it down. Also its an Independent magazine unlike some others backed by big Corporations. The Grind mag has my vote any day.”



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