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Our new look!

Growth Technology have been working on creating a contemporary brand image that unites our product range. We wanted to maintain, yet enhance, our high quality brand whilst holding true to our roots. Our subtle changes have regenerated and revitalised our image with a more contemporary design that speaks for itself.

new ionic bottels_edited-1Our iconic hand image has been reimagined and now displays more dynamic and contemporary features.

The concept of technology supporting nature is still portrayed within the image; the cyborg hand delicately clutching nature in the form of a plant.

product rebrand handout

Our product labels will be changing also. The new versions are designed to really bring together our main products, highlighting the grow and bloom stages, whilst not forgetting to incorporate the stimulants and enhancers into the new look and feel.

Download our hand-out here and take a look at just some of the changes we are making.



Green Fuse Bloom Growth Technology Twin pack two part nutrient plant food


Welcome GreenHaze back to stage.
For a twin pack alternative to IONIC we offer GreenHaze GROW. This solution was initially developed for NFT systems which is a very demanding application. It has proven its worth over many years and is used now in many different cultivation systems. The GROW solution is properly formulated to support vegetative growth and will deliver vigorous plant growth and strong, healthy roots. GreenHaze performs well in both hard and soft water but, like all twin-packs, it will need regular adjustment of the pH.