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Clonex…. 3 billion clones and counting!

We are currently in the process of extending our UK registration for Clonex. As part ofthat process we have been asked to revert to the approved formulation of 2007 while we go through the process. We will, quite naturally, comply with this requirement so

Clonex – from current batches onwards – will look different.

The significant change is to the colour of the product as the dye input is reduced so the colour will be different and less vivid.

The Facts:

  • The dye we use has reverted to the type and levels used in 2007.
  • >There are no other significant changes – the dye alone has changed.
  • The active ingredient (hormone) is at exactly the same level as it has been since 1989.
  • The product is not in any way less effective than it has always been.
  • We will revert to the strong purple colour once the re-registration is complete.

We hope that this change does not cause you any inconvenience but if there is any problem we can help with then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.